Planes of Eberron Wiki Edit

Adventures Edit

  • Adventure 1 - Rude Awakening - played November 8, 2015
  • Adventure 2 - Elementals and Orcs - played February 21, 2016

Characters Edit

  • Nikos - played by Steve
  • Tekembe - played by Colin
  • Ton - played by Chris
  • [[]] - played by Clay

NPCs Edit

Denizens of Dollen on the River Edit

  • Gregor Ilvick - the man who seems to be running the settlement, an oily fellow
  • Banst - steward of Gregor, deferential and efficient

Angels of Daanvi Edit

  • Liet - leader of a squad of angels, patrols in the area of the settlement 
  • Artaxes - one of the squadron of angels 
  • Rehael - one of the squadron of angels 

Miscellaneous Edit

  • Ma'aldrakar - 5-headed dragon that warned the party about visiting certain areas of Bangadh
  • Sol'azatho Sunleaf - elf who asked the party for help in recovering his amulet from orcs

Locations Edit

Map of Bangadh

  • Dollen on the River - A fort around which the humans have created a settlement.
  • The Spire - A large spire made of strange earth. A tunnel at its base leads to the plane of Daanvi. 

Timeline Edit

Day 1 - Awakening

establishing settlement

Day 15 - meeting with Gregor

travel toward forest edge

Day 17 - strange fire event in the distance

travel toward forest edge

Day 18 - Windstorm, entered tower at forest's edge

8 days of travel (normally 1 week)

Day 26 - Arrive at spire, travel to Daanvi

flown by angels

Day 28 - Return to Dollen on the River

rescue children from bandits

Day 31 - set out with Sol'azatho Sunleaf

travelling, fight water elementals

Day 37 - Fight orcs, stop ritual


Day 43 - return to Dollen on the River

Party Treasure Edit

The party has acquired the following magic items:

  • Lyre of Building - traded to Gregor Ilvick to help build the town
  • Wolf Statue - can be used to summon a celestial wolf for 1 hour/day. If killed, the wolf cannot be resummoned for 1 week, carried by Tekembe
  • Cloak of Resistance +1 - carried by Nikos
  • Damaged Helm of Telepathy - carried by Ton
  • Large Magic Shield +1 - ??