Prelude Edit

While the party was out exploring during the events of Adventure 1, a ronin by the name of Ton, who was helping to build the town, realized that he was not cut out for menial labor and spoke to Gregor Ilvick about joining the party on the next adventure. Gregor agreed and told Ton that he would be informed about the party's next outing.

Upon the return of the original party, they met up with Ton and agreed to meet up in three days to begin the next exploration mission. As the party split up, a frightened woman approached Tekembe and Ton and begged for their help, saying that her child had been taken by a group of bandits.

Adventure Edit

Ton and Tekembe agreed to help the woman and hurried along with the woman to the edge of town, where she pointed the direction that they had gone. After two hours of following the path of the bandits, they found the group of three men looking disheveled and herding a group of four children. After a quick battle with no mercy shown for the ruffians, the children were saved. Unbeknownst to them, one of the children was a Memory Child who drained the memories of Tekembe. As he began to panic, the Memory Child flooded his mind with hundreds upon hundreds of memories, leaving him stunned as the Child slipped away into the tall grass. After babbling incoherently for an hour, Tekembe finally overcame his confusion. The memories forced into his mind faded away, leaving only the imprint of the word "Mournland". The group returned the children to the mother who agreed to take the other children back to their parents, but insisting that only three children had gone missing.

Meeting up at the designated time, the party was met by a hooded figure who asked for their help in recovering an amulet that had been taken by a band of orcs. In exchange, he told them he could help them out with their current mission. The party agreed, and rode out of town with him only to discover that he was an elf, the first they had seen since the Awakening.

After a few days of travel, the elf, who had introduced himself as Sol'azatho Sunleaf, pointed out an area he had previously seen during his exploration; a locked chest set on a small area of land in the middle of a pond. He bid them to go collect the item if it was their desire to do so. As they approached the chest, small water elementals rose up from the surrounding pond to attack and a nearby pond rose up and revealed itself to be a huge water elemental. While the rest of the party held off the smaller elementals as best as they could, Tekembe ran forward, broke open the chest, grabbed the wolf figurine inside, and the party quickly retreated before the massive elemental could reach them.

After several more days of travel, the party came upon the orcs, who were in the middle of a ritual to awaken an Iron Golem. While Nikos charged in and distracted the majority of the orcs, Ton and Tekembe snuck to the ritual site and stopped it by offing a few of the goblin sacrifices while contending with an ogre that attacked them. As the battle wore on, things began to look grim. While the goblins were all killed and the orcs fell easily, the falchions of the orcs took their toll on Nikos and the fierce swings of the ogre's greatclub put Ton and Tekembe in dire straits. In the moment before the ritual was completed, Ton turned on the orc leader and felled him in a great blow. The remaining orcs, having just felled Nikos, saw that their leader had fallen and quickly fled. The ogre retreated into a nearby hut to mourn his leader's death.

After sharing around a few healing potions, the party easily finished off the ogre and returned Sol'azatho's amulet to him. He thanked them and left a map of the area for them, which they agreed to keep secret from Gregor.

Upon return to Dollen on the River, the party spoke with the angelic squadron. Rehael identified their magic items for them and they shared the map with Liet, who agreed to keep it to himself. After this conversation was finished, they went inside the fort to speak with Gregor, who was initially rather gruff with them, but then stated that he had perhaps been too harsh with them in the past and asked if he could honor them in a public ceremony, to show the people of the town that there were people in the town working hard to look out for their best interests.