Prelude Edit

The party awoke in an open field with a city's worth of other humans. No one had any memory of where they were, how they had gotten there, where they came from, or even who they were. Shortly after the Awakening, a large, five-headed dragon descended into their field. Introducing himself as Ma'aldrakar, he warned the people that they were not to trespass into "the highest peak of the central mountain range, as well as the chasm at its base." He also warned of the strong winds this far Daanst. Without a further word, he flew off.

A short while later, a trio of angels landed in the field. Their leader introduced himself as Liet and mentioned that his companions were Artaxes and Rehael. He seemed confused as to the appearance of the party as well as the existence of the location they were in itself. Promising that there would be future angelic visits, he left again.

While these visits were taking place, a man by the name of Gregor Ilvick organized the guards and armed men of the field. He seemed to gather their loyalty. Shortly after, they helped to organize the mass of people, gathering what supplies were at hand and heading toward a nearby ruins to set up a settlement.

Adventure Edit

After two weeks of helping to organize the settlement, the party was summoned by Gregor to the ruined fort. He explained that while the settlement was progressing well, they needed to start looking toward sustainability, and thereby needed to know more about the surrounding lands. He gave them what equipment they needed (provided it be returned in good condition) and tasked them to return in two weeks time with some information about their nearby environment.

The party took an immediate dislike to Gregor, but saw the logic of his arguments, and set off. Heading toward a distant spire, they discovered the truth behind Ma'aldrakar's words in warning them about the winds. It started slowly, with a constantly blowing gentle breeze. Within the space of half an hour, the wind speed increased to a constant 50mph. The party was just able to make it to a shelter at the edge of a nearby woods.

Seeing as there was some time before the storm died down, the party decided to explore the ruins. After clearing out a few resident goblins, a well-made lyre was procured. As the storm had finally abated, the party continued on toward the spire.

A week's travel brought the party to its base. They noted it was made of some foreign soil, but proceeded down a disorienting tunnel at its base. The tunnel ended in the plane of Daanvi. After meeting with some formians, they spoke again with Liet and his group. The angels identified the instrument the party had found as a Lyre of Building, useful for constructing solid buildings in a hurry. After giving the party some additional information, the angels flew the party back to Dollen on the River and arranged for their horses to be brought along as well.

Upon return, Gregor greeted them with his usual sour air. After debriefing them, he asked to see the instrument they had procured. After a tense moment, the party assented. Gregor identified the item and offered to trade the party a group of masterwork gear in exchange for it, assuring them he meant only to use it in the construction of the city. This negotiation complete, he tasked them with the continued exploration of the area.